More sprouts and the ongoing bindweed battle

More sprouts up in the garden today. Peas have been poking through for a few days now, and they’re mostly up. Broccoli and radishes have just a tiny bit of green showing now. I checked on the seeds twice today and I swear I could see that much more growth in just a couple hours. Seeds are awesome.

One of the downsides of my garden is that it’s infested with bindweed. We rent our house, and before we moved in it was empty for the summer – which meant that all of the weeds, including the bindweed, grew out of control and went to seed. I’ve pulled up all the plants and roots I can find, but the bindweed is growing up in the hedge on the other side of the fence – and it’s a locked play area, so I can’t get in unless I ask. I’m doing my best to pull everything I can reach from my side, but it feels like a losing battle a lot of the time.


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