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Lessons About Gardening, #3

When all else fails, there’s always next year.

Same goes for gardening blogs, I suppose.

I’m well into the season this year and figured I might as well poke my blog a bit and see if it still works. I’ve dramatically changed my approach  this year: I’ve redone the whole layout and I’m planting much smaller amounts of food in the hope that I’ll be able to harvest and eat most or all of it. I’ve given myself wider pathways and smaller beds, and I’ve weeded the whole garden at least once – so I’m already far ahead of last year.

At this point all of my salad greens, peas, and broccoli have had their first plantings, along with some spring flowers. In the next few days I’m going to keep digging on the beds I haven’t planted yet, transplant my sage and lavender, and get in some second plantings. I’ve put in some strawberries this year in faith that the general layout will be the same next year – though only one Junebearing, so I can get some berries this year!

All told, I really feel like I’m much more on top of things this year, and I’m looking forward to new growth every day.


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