Garden Check-in

I finally finished spreading all 30 bags of compost that I bought at the beginning of the spring. Word to the wise: 30 bags of compost weighs close to a ton. Your vehicle would appreciate if you made two or three trips.

I weeded as I spread, so that I wouldn’t be fertilizing weeds. I’ve been mostly finished for some time now, with just two bags left. Doing those final two bags meant digging up and transplanting the sage and lavender plants left by the previous gardener (and pulling the bindweed roots out of their root balls, sigh). I finished that up a week or so ago, so now I’ve got them all spread, my first big accomplishment of the year. Only one bed left to dig, and all of the crucial structural work in the garden will be finished.

My other big task has been clearing the trash, weeds, and assorted plastic pots left by the previous gardener off the patio area behind my garden. Today I got some good work done on that, so now I just need to move the compost bin and get rid of the pile of yard waste/dirt I’ve created in the last month or so. It’s finally starting to look like an area I could imagine spending time and enjoying sitting outside.

Other big projects in the works: New fencing, clearing my mess off the driveway, and possibly setting stepping stones in the walkways.

Seeds are going in a few at a time. I’d hoped to get lots of planting done today and get caught up, but it’s so windy out I would have lost all of my seeds to the wind. Maybe it’s for the best, since we’re still getting lows in the upper 30’s at night. I’m behind my planned schedule, but still way ahead of where I was this time last year. That by itself is a huge accomplishment.


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