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The never-ending battle

(against the weeds, that is)

Unseasonably rainy weather here, combined with some personal stuff taking up all of my spare time, has meant that I’ve been out of the garden lately. The weeds are trying to take over in my absence. So today I was outside chipping away at that. I’ve also moved my compost bin and  now I’m working on separating the yard waste that won’t compost from the dirt and partially compost weeds that are all in a pile on my patio. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to use the patio area for actually enjoying the outside.

A lot of my seeds from the last planting I did never came up. Right now the area closest to the street has pretty much nothing in it except some broccoli seedlings that seem to be stunted. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong there. Probably I’ll end up buying starts and hope that they’ll be more successful.


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