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Harvest time!

Harvest has actually been going on for a while now, with zucchini, peas, beans, lettuce, and radishes. This week I got my first tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli, beets, onions, and peppers. I’m pretty excited!

My peppers: One big red bell-shaped one, one long skinny red one, and one yellow bell. I haven’t tried any but the red bell yet – it prety much tasted like the kind you’d get from the store. All of my pepper plants have lots of peppers on them, to the point of falling over if they’re not staked. I think I’ve got some ripe jalapenos too, but I don’t know how to tell that for sure.

Tomatoes: “Oregon Spring” and “Early Girl” both are ripening. I picked a couple “Viva Italia” ones but they’re a bit firm so I’m not sure they’re completely ripe.

The “Early Girl” is taking over a whole corner of my garden, growing way past the tomato cage. Lots of green tomatoes, too, so it should be a good season. It’s got a good flavor and texture to¬† it – pretty much the classic fresh tomato taste I’d expect from a grocery store tomato (except much fresher).

The “Oregon Spring” is prone to cracking with the way we had hot dry weather followed by cool weather. It gets soft on the bottom while the top is still green, so it’s hard to know if it’s ripe yet. I’m not a huge fan of it – it’s somewhat bland and the texture isn’t great. It’s very juicy though.

I dug up the potatoes that had wilted on top today. I didn’t find a huge yield, but maybe I didn’t dig deep enough – I just dug down with my hand a bit. I also pulled up the one that was in the path. It had a good yield, but I didn’t hill it so some of the tubers have green patches and/or sprouts. I’ve still got a few plants left outside.

My onions are mostly ready to pull, but I only pulled a couple small ones today. I’m a little late on cutting the broccoli because it got past the point of a single firm head, but hopefully it will still be tasty. The beets are really nicely sized up; I haven’t had a chance to try them yet.

The poppies ended up putting on a beautiful show. They’re mostly going to seed now, so hopefully they’ll self-seed for next year. I haven’t decided if I’ll let them stay in that spot – it’s kind of hard to get to, but it’s also the sunniest corner of the garden and therefore prime real estate.

The arugula went crazy and was trying to go to seed. I cut it all down and we’ll see if that works; if not, I’ll just pull it out and re-plant for fall.


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And the thinning begins

Actually, it should have begun a little while ago, but planting’s been my top priority. Yesterday I thinned the beans and radishes. The baby radishes were decently spicy, probably because we had a stretch of hot dry weather, even though I watered them pretty much every day.

Today I thinned the zucchini, cucumbers, and broccoli. Plus I weeded, of course.

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Plantings – 06/08/2009

Beans “Tricolor Mix (Bush)”, Ed Hume Seeds – 2 rows

Beets “Red Ace Hybrid”, Ed Hume Seeds – 1 row

Radishes “French Breakfast”, Ed Hume Seeds – 1 row

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More sprouts and the ongoing bindweed battle

More sprouts up in the garden today. Peas have been poking through for a few days now, and they’re mostly up. Broccoli and radishes have just a tiny bit of green showing now. I checked on the seeds twice today and I swear I could see that much more growth in just a couple hours. Seeds are awesome.

One of the downsides of my garden is that it’s infested with bindweed. We rent our house, and before we moved in it was empty for the summer – which meant that all of the weeds, including the bindweed, grew out of control and went to seed. I’ve pulled up all the plants and roots I can find, but the bindweed is growing up in the hedge on the other side of the fence – and it’s a locked play area, so I can’t get in unless I ask. I’m doing my best to pull everything I can reach from my side, but it feels like a losing battle a lot of the time.

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Plantings – 05/23/2009

Cucumbers “Tendergreen” Burpless, Ed Hume Seeds – 1 hill

Broccoli “Waltham 29”, Ed Hume Seeds – 3 locations

Zucchini “Black Beauty” Bush, Organic Seed, Ed Hume Seeds – 1 hill

Beets “Red Ace Hybrid”, Ed Hume Seeds – 1 row

Radishes “French Breakfast”, Ed Hume Seeds – 1 row

Onions, Yellow, from sets – 2 rows

Carrots “Little Finger”, Ed Hume Seeds – 2 rows

Parsnips “Andover”, Ed Hume Seeds – 1 row

That’s it for the first planting of vegetables! I still have herbs and flowers left to plant.

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