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Lessons about gardening, #2

No, it can’t wait until tomorrow.

No, you can’t wait to thin the arugula. It doesn’t like being crowded and it will bolt.

Ditto for the spinach.

No, you can’t wait to water the lettuce. It will wilt and be useless in the near-record heat and dry weather.

No, you can’t wait to lay the soaker hose. You’re just making your job harder.

No, you can’t wait to pick the zucchini. They grow into giants overnight.

No, you can’t wait to weed. No, really, you can’t.

No, you can’t wait to plant the next round of seeds. Well, you can, but it will be that much longer between harvests.

No, you can’t wait to write that blog post. There will be something new tomorrow.


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Lessons about gardening, #1

The lettuce will come up. Or if it doesn’t, you’ll know within a week and will have time to reseed. It’s not necessary to seed it heavily, and doing so will just mean more work thinning. Same goes for the spinach.

I thinned out some of my lettuce, spinach, and beets. Already the thinnings are more than I can eat in a day. It looks really tasty, though, and I’m excited to have food that I grew myself. It’s really a great feeling.

Today I built a teepee for my peas to grow on – a bit late, since they were starting to latch onto each other, but I think they’ll be ok. I put cages around the tomatoes, too.

Something was in my garden and pulled up a guide-string for my pathway. I also noticed that one of my broccoli plants got broken off. It’s got one leaf left, so hopefully it will survive. My best guess is that someone threw a ball over the fence or something similar.

I’d been feeling bad about the bindweed creeping up the fence and into the less-tended parts of the garden, but when I took a walk today I noticed that most of the bindweeds in the area are in full bloom. So far it seems like I’ve delayed that part anyhow. *knock on wood*

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Growing like crazy

We’ve had a spell of unseasonably warm weather here – in the 80s – so everything has been popping up practically the moment I put it in the ground. Everything I’ve planted from the first round is up except the parsnips and maybe the carrots (it’s too soon to tell if the sprouts in the carrot row are carrots or weeds.) The second plantings of lettuce and spinach are just coming up, too. It’s cooled off now, so hopefully it will be nice growing weather for a while.

I’m hoping to get some thinning done on the larger seedlings in the next week or so. I think I’ll get a salad’s worth of baby greens.

My tomatoes and peppers are growing nicely – a couple of the peppers even have flowers. Some of the potatoes are growing while others are turning yellow, so I’m not sure what’s going on there. I think I might have overwatered them, so I’m going to just let them be for a couple days.

Unfortunately, the bindweed’s growing like crazy too. I did learn that the previous gardener had rototilled every year – no wonder it was so badly infested! That gives me hope of being able to keep it at bay now that I’ve gotten the worst of it out.

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Plantings – 06/01/2009

Spinach “Olympia Hybrid”, Ed Hume Seeds – 2 rows

Lettuce “Red Sails”, Ed Hume Seeds – 1 row

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My first baby seedlings were popping up today! Definitely the lettuce and the arugula, and possibly some of the spinach too. I’m really surprised, I was expecting them to take a week at least to pop up, but today was only the third day for the arugula and the fifth for the lettuce and spinach. I suppose it helps that it’s been really nice and warm (highs around 70, lows around 50) the last few days. I’m so excited to see things grow!

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Plantings – 05/18/2009

Snapdragons “Rocket White”, 12 plants from bedding packs (quite root-bound, sadly)

Spinach “Olympia Hybrid”, Ed Hume Seeds – 3 rows

Lettuce “Salad Bowl”, Ed Hume Seeds – 2 rows

Lettuce “Red Sails”, Ed Hume Seeds – 2 rows

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